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Software Automation for the Networking and Communications Sector

Information - Interfaces - Processes

The integration of information, interfaces and processes provides an effective architectural approach to creating agile, assured and orchestrated next-generation networks.

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Our Consulting Delivers

Technology Experience

Technology Experience

Our Consultants Average Over 25 Years Experience In Telecommunications.

Thought Leadership

Thought Leadership

Our Consultants Are Recognized Global Experts In Their Forte.

Industry Focus

Industry Focus

Our Consultants Are Focused On Innovating On The Next Stage Of Software Defined Networking.

Customer Segments

Cable Network Operators

Cable MSOs offering broadband, voice, video and business services.

Telco Network Operators

Telecommunication service providers offering broadband, voice, video and business services.

Network Device Manufacturers

Vendors developing both physical network function devices and virtual network function applications.

Back Office Application Vendors

Application vendors developing software to operationalize, manage, monitor and administer network services.

Standard Development Organizations

Standard Development Organizations (SDOs) defining networking standards.

Open Source Networking Consortia

Software Consortia projects developing open source networking software.

Assisting Clients with Next-Generation Network Evolutions

CableLabs Kyrio
Entry Point Networks
Open Daylight
Pacific Crest Securities
LOCAL copy
PCCW Global