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Product Lifecycle Management

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Product Lifecycle Management is a column defined in the TM Forum’s Enhanced Telecom Operations Map (eTOM) in the general Strategy, Infrastructure, and Product process area. It intersects with four horizontal process areas: Marketing and Offer Management, Service Development and Management, Resource Development and Management, and Supply Chain Development and Management.

In the context of Product Lifecycle Management, the associated vertical processes further decompose into the following:

  • Marketing and Offer Management – Product Development and Retirement, Marketing Communications and Promotion, Sales and Channel Development, Product, Marketing & Customer Performance Assessment.
  • Service Development and Management – Service Development and Retirement, and Service Performance Assessment.
  • Resource Development and Management – Resource Development, and Resource Performance Assessment
  • Supply Chain Development and Management – Supply Chain Development & Change Management, Supply Chain Performance Assessment

Product Lifecycle Management Services

  • Marketing Campaign Management
  • Marketing Communications
  • Product Specification and Offering Development and Retirement
  • Service Development and Retirement
  • Resource Development and Retirement
  • Third Party Offering Development and Retirement
Product Lifecycle Management