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Network Engineering

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Network Engineering entails the application of the knowledge of network technologies and protocols as well as the skills, tools, and techniques utilized to establish and maintain best practices for the development of a suitable plan, the testing and deployment of new equipment and applications, and steady-state operation of the network. The essential role of a qualified network engineer includes such important functions as understanding not only the technologies available and how to apply them to solve a business problem in delivering a service, but in working within the constraints of time and budget. Developing a plan is performed in coordination with a project manager to set expectations, including timeframes and budgets, available resources, dependencies and risks (see Project Management services).

Network Engineering Services

  • Network statistics and collection evaluation for performance management and proactive network management purposes
  • Change management process evaluation and recommendation
  • Route configuration review and recommendation
  • Network planning, including capacity measurement and growth projections
  • Network and system redundancy evaluation and recommendation
  • Firewall configuration review and recommendation
  • Dispatch and repair window evaluation and recommendation
  • Identification of training opportunities for dispatchers, repair technicians, plant managers, chief technicians and customer support staff
  • Training for advanced services and network engineering teams
Network Engineering
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