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Standards Body Services Oversight and Guidance

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Our consultants have amassed extensive experience with many of the leading communication protocols and standards organizations, having led and contributed to the development of network and service management standards within the SCTE, Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF), CableLabs, TM Forum, IETF, ITU-T, Open Networking User Group (ONUG), and Linux Foundation’s Open Network Automation Platform (ONAP).

With expertise stemming from 25+ years of experience in network and service management and monitoring, large scale data collection and analysis, we have defined the implementation architecture and use cases, coordinated the work and contributions of multiple Software Development Organizations (SDOs), and facilitated the development of software artifacts in support of open source projects.

Keep your project on the cutting edge and gain valuable insights with our perspective and quick access to a library of definitions, specifications and information on topics relevant to your project.

Standards Body Contributions

  • MEF technical standards. specifications, and implementation agreements
  • IETF standards contributor to and reviewer of working group documents
  • TM Forum collaboration project participant
  • SCTE-ISBE learning and development committee contributor
  • ONAP contributor and influencer for direction of network orchestration and automation projects
  • CableLabs interface specification development and equipment certification and qualification
  • OpenDaylight Advisory Group member, assisting and supporting ODL by providing technical and strategic guidance
Standards Body Services Oversight & Guidance