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Kirk Erichsen

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Kirk Erichsen
Kirk Erichsen

Areas of Expertise

  • Network Architecture
  • Communication protocols and Standards Organizations
    • Specification development and maintenance
    • Acceptance Test Plans for certification and qualification
    • Project management and coordination
  • Network Operations Best Practices
  • Network Deployment and Project Planning
  • Training development for Network Engineering and Support Staff
  • Access equipment based on DOCSIS and related protocols
A twenty-year veteran of the cable industry, Kirk Erichsen has worked in a variety of roles, from planning through deployment of network equipment, to test and turn-up. He has managed major deployments, remaining on budget and on schedule. He has also worked in operations, managing network engineering staff and system administrators maintaining the network of a fast-growing Internet Services operation. In more recent years, he has been engaged in long-term strategy, technology evaluation and protocol development for the cable industry with several patents to his credit.